Mesa Grande Band
of Diegueño Mission Indians
Flag of the Mesa Grande Band
Total population
630 enrolled members[1]
Regions with significant populations
United States (California)
Ipai,[2][3] English
Traditional tribal religion,
Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
Related ethnic groups
other Kumeyaay tribes, Cocopa,
Quechan, Paipai, and Kiliwa

The Mesa Grande Band of Diegueño Mission Indians of the Mesa Grande Reservation is a federally recognized tribe of Kumeyaay Indians,[4] who are sometimes known as Mission Indians.


Location of Mesa Grande Reservation

The Mesa Grande Reservation (33°05′19″N 116°45′07″W / 33.08861°N 116.75194°W / 33.08861; -116.75194) is a federal Indian reservation located in eastern San Diego County, California, near Santa Ysabel. Founded in 1875,[4] the reservation is 1,803 acres (7.30 km2) large. Approximately 180 of the 630 members of the tribe live on the reservation.[1] In 1973, 24 out of 261 enrolled tribal members lived on the reservation.[2]

The reservation was featured in the 1936 film Ramona.[5]


The Mesa Grande Band is headquartered in Mesa Grande, CA. They are governed by a democratically elected tribal council. Michael Linton is their current tribal chairperson.[6]


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