A surface-mount IC in the MSOP form-factor

The Mini Small Outline Package (MSOP) is a miniaturized version of the small outline integrated circuit packaging format for integrated circuits.


Many integrated circuits are available in the MSOP form factor. They are suited for space-limited applications requiring 1 mm or less mounted height and are commonly used in disk drives, video/audio and consumer electronics.[1]

Physical properties

The size of the Mini Small Outline Package is only 3mm × 3mm for the 8 and 10 pin versions[1] and 3mm × 4mm for the 12 and 16 pin version.[2][3] The small package offers a small footprint, short wires for improved electrical connections, and good moisture reliability.[1] Some versions have an exposed pad on the bottom side. The exposed pad will be soldered on the PCB to transfer heat from the package to the PCB.[2][1]

Part number Pins Body width (mm) Body length (mm) Lead pitch (mm)
MSOP8 8 3 3 0.65
MSOP10 10 3 3 0.5
MSOP12 12 3 4 0.65
MSOP16 16 3 4 0.5


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