Front and back of a transistor in a TO-126 package.

TO-126 is a type of semiconductor package for devices with three pins, such as transistors.[1] The package is rectangular with a hole in the middle to allow for easy mounting to a board or a heat sink. On one side of the package typically a metal sheet is exposed, with the transistor die bonded to the other side of the metal sheet inside the package.[2] This allows for an efficient heat transfer from the transistor die to an external heat sink but also implies that the metal sheet is electrically connected to the die (for a bipolar junction transistor usually the collector is connected to this metal sheet).

History and origin

The JEDEC TO-126 descriptor is derived from the original full name for the package: Transistor Outline Package, Case Style 126.[3] In the updated JEDEC outline system, the package is numbered as TO-225AA.[2]

STMicroelectronics refers to this package style as SOT-32.[4]

National Standards

Size comparison of BJT transistor packages, from left to right: SOT-23, TO-92, TO-126, TO-3
Standards organization Standard Designation for TO-126
IEC IEC 60191[6] A56
DIN DIN 41869[7] 12A3
Gosstandart GOST 18472—88[8] KT-27[a]
Rosstandart GOST R 57439—2017[9]
Kombinat Mikroelektronik Erfurt TGL 11811[6] N
TGL 26713/09[6] H1B
  1. ^ Russian: КТ-27

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