Nepalis in Japan
Nihon ni iru nepāru hito
जापानमा रहेका नेपालीहरु
Jāpānamā rahēkā nēpālīharu
Total population
156,333 (in June, 2023)[1][2]
Regions with significant populations
Tokyo (Shinjuku· Ōsaka · Aichi · Hamamatsu · Fukuoka · Naha · Yokohama · Sapporo · Kawasaki · Sagamihara · Chiba · Funabashi · Saitama · Kawaguchi · Sapporo · Sapporo
Nepali · Japanese · Maithili · Newari · Magar
Hinduism (Majority) · Buddhism · Kirant Mundhum
Related ethnic groups

Nepalis in Japan (在日ネパール人) comprise migrants from Nepal to Japan, including temporary expatriates and permanent residents, as well as their locally born descendants. As of June 2023, there are about 156,333 Nepalis living in Japan, which makes them the largest South Asian community in the country.[3]


Japan was a popular destination for Nepalese immigrants, as they could earn five times more than the average wage in Nepal, even in low-skilled manual jobs in the service sector.[4] Most recently, IT engineers and professionals from Nepal are currently being recruited by Japanese IT companies.[5] There are also some Nepalese joining Japan's garments industry and agriculture sector.


The Nepalese Association of Japan (NAJ) was founded in 1988 with the sole intent of protecting the rights and benefits of Nepalese people living in Japan, promoting understanding among them by providing a forum to bring them together and assisting develop friendly relationship between the countries of Japan and Nepal.[6]

Other organizations include NRN-NCC Japan and the Nepalese Student Association in Japan (NESAJ).

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