Or lam
Alternative namesO-lam
Place of originLaos
Region or stateLuang Prabang
Main ingredientsBuffalo meat or beef or game meat or chicken, lemongrass, mai sakhaan, chilies, eggplant, wood ear mushrooms, yard-long bean, roasted ground rice

Or Lam (Lao: ເອາະຫຼາມ) is a mildly spicy, slightly tongue numbing, Laotian stew originating from Luang Prabang, Laos. The peppery and thick broth is prepared by slowly simmering lemongrass, chilies and Lao chili wood (sakhaan)[1] with crushed or mashed up sticky rice, grilled citronella, garlic, dill and onions added to thicken the broth.[2]

Or Lam is usually cooked with dried buffalo skin, beef, game meat, quail or chicken, eggplants, wood ear mushrooms, and yard-long bean. In the original royal Luang Prabang's recipe Or lam is made with deer meat.[3] The stew is extremely popular in Laos.[4][5][6][7]


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