Nam tok
kuai-tiao nam tok, noodle soup darkened with raw blood in Bangkok
Place of originLaos, Isan
Main ingredientsstock, blood
Nam tok-noodle ingredients in Thailand. The upper right pot has raw pig's blood that will be added to the noodle soup preparations
Nuea yang nam tok, sliced grilled beef in a spicy "dressing" with shallots and mint
Lao ping sin nam tok is made with sliced beef steak with a variety of herbs and spices

Nam tok (Lao: ນ້ຳຕົກ, Thai: น้ำตก, RTGSnam tok, pronounced [nám tòk]) is either a soup or a meat salad from Southeast Asia. In the Lao and Thai language, the phrase means waterfall. The meat salad in Lao cuisine is a sliced beef steak instead of minced meat version of larb, Laos' national dish.

Nam tok can refer to two different kinds of preparation:

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