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Lor mee
Lor mee sold in Bukit Batok, Singapore
Place of originChina[1]
Region or stateChina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
Main ingredientsthick flat yellow noodles, ngo hiang, fish cake, fish, round and flat meat dumplings (usually chicken or pork), half a boiled egg, thick gravy
Similar dishesLomi

Lor mee (Hokkien Chinese: 滷麵; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: ló͘-mī, Mandarin simplified Chinese: 卤面; traditional Chinese: 滷麵; pinyin: lǔmiàn) is a Chinese Hokkien noodle dish from Zhangzhou served in a thick starchy gravy. Variants of the dish are also eaten by Hokkiens (Min Nan speakers) in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. In the Philippines, the local variant is called Lomi or Pancit Lomi. The thick gravy is made of corn starch, spices, meat, seafoods and eggs. The ingredients added into the noodles are usually ngo hiang, fish cake, fish, round and flat meat dumplings (usually chicken or pork), half a boiled egg, and other items depending on the stall and the price paid. Vinegar and garlic can be added as an optional item. Lor Mee can be served together with red chili. Traditional versions also include bits of fried fish as topping though few stalls serve this version anymore.

Putian-style lor mee

In Putian cuisine, lor mee is a much lighter dish usually prepared with less starch and seafood instead of meat.

Henan lumian

In central China's Henan cuisine, the same characters (Chinese: 河南卤面; pinyin: Hénán lǔmiàn) are used for an unrelated dish of wheat noodles traditionally prepared with a labor-intensive process of steaming, stir-frying and then steaming again.[2]

Although they are all thought to have descended from lor mee (卤面), a staple of Fujianese cooking.

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