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Sate madura being grilled.
Sate madura being grilled.

Madurese cuisine is a cuisine tradition of Madurese people from Madura Island in Indonesia. This cuisine also known in East Java as well as on the south coast of Kalimantan. Madura cuisine has salty, savoury and spicy tastes with Javanese-influenced.

Madurese foods add petis ikan which is made from fish instead of shrimp. The Madurese-style satay is probably the most popular satay variants in Indonesia. Some of its popular dishes are chicken satay,[1] mutton satay, Madurese soto, goat soup and peanut sauce. As a leading salt production center in Indonesian archipelago, Madura dishes are often saltier compared to other East Javanese foods.

List of Madurese foods

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Snacks and desserts

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