Binte biluhuta
Binte biluhuta with shredded coconut, shredded skipjack tuna, and shrimp
Alternative namesMilu Siram, Gorontalo sweet-corn soup
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateGorontalo, Sulawesi island
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientscorn, shrimp, skipjack tuna

Binte biluhuta is a poured boiled-sweet corn or corn soup originates from the Gorontalese cuisine, Sulawesi island, Indonesia.[1]

Binte biluhuta is a typical food of Gorontalese, which is referred to Gorontalo people. Binte biluhuta is also known as Milu Siram in Gorontalo Malay language.[2]

Binte biluhuta is served hot with shredded coconut, basil leaves, shredded skipjack tuna, and shrimp.

National intangible cultural heritage

In 2016, Binte biluhuta as one of Indonesian cuisine has become a national intangible cultural heritage of Indonesia, determined by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia.[3]

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