Shrimp roe noodles
The very tiny black dots are a trademark of the noodle
Alternative namesShrimp noodles
TypeChinese noodles
Place of originHong Kong or Guangdong[1]
Region or stateHong Kong
Main ingredientsShrimp roe. wheat flour, salt, tapioca flour, monosodium glutamate
Shrimp roe noodles
Traditional Chinese蝦子麵
Simplified Chinese虾子面
Literal meaningshrimp egg noodle

Shrimp roe noodles or Shrimp noodles are a variety of Chinese noodle popular in Hong Kong and Guangdong. One of the special characteristic that distinguish this noodle from the many other varieties of Chinese noodle is the salty shrimp roe forming tiny black spots on strips of the noodles.[2]


The noodle is made of wheat flour, salt, tapioca flour, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and shrimp roe.[3] It comes in a palm-sized hard noodle bundle. Mix the shrimp, eggs, flour and other materials, and then put the dough is placed into a mechanical press with holes through which the dough is forced to form strands of noodles.[4]


Because this noodle has some taste of its own, the most common method of cooking is directly boiling the noodles. Soy sauce or additional flavorings can still be added. Depending on the noodle brand, the black dots may disappear after cooking.


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