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Thin Noodle.jpg
Traditional Chinese幼麵
Simplified Chinese幼面
Literal meaningthin noodle

Youmian (lit.'thin noodles') are a variety of Chinese noodle widely used in Southern China, especially in the cuisines of Hong Kong and Guangdong. It has also been selectively used in the dishes of Shanghai, Malaysia, and Singapore. Youmian is also used in some dishes in the overseas Chinese communities.


Thin noodles are generally made with eggs.

One well known variety of thin noodles is called (Cantonese jyutping: cyun4 daan6 min6; Pinyin: quán dàn miàn; translating roughly as "whole egg noodles"). This variety is almost exclusively found in East and Southeast Asia, in regions with sizable Chinese populations.

Use in dishes


Depending on the cuisine style, thin noodles may be boiled with some type of broth or stir fried in a wok.

List of use in dishes

Cantonese cuisine

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