Top Ramen
Chicken flavor packages of Top Ramen
Produced byNissin Foods
CountryUnited States
MarketsInstant noodle

Top Ramen (トップラーメン, Toppu rāmen) is an American brand of instant ramen noodles introduced in 1970 by Nissin Foods.[1]


Top Ramen cooking

Instant noodles were invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, the Taiwanese-born founder of the Japanese food company Nissin. He used Chicken Ramen as the first brand of instant ramen noodles.[2]

Nissin established the brand Top Ramen in 1970. Ando desired to enter the US markets, but discovered that most people in the US did not have ramen sized bowls leading him to later develop the Cup Noodles brand.[2] In 1972, Top Ramen was introduced to the United States after Ando saw growth potential of ramen products in US markets.[3] Top Ramen became a major corporate force in the international noodle market which was dominated by Maggi.[4]

The brand is popular among US college students.[citation needed] Andy Kryza of Thrillist ranked Top Ramen as the fourth best instant noodle brand.[5]

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