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Lai fun
TypeChinese noodles
Place of originChina
VariationsBánh canh (Vietnam)
Lai fun
Traditional Chinese瀨粉
Simplified Chinese濑粉
Alternative Chinese name

Lai fun is a short and thick variety of Chinese noodles. It is commonly found in the Pearl River Delta region and to some degree among overseas Chinatowns.[1] Its name comes from the Cantonese language.

Lai fun may also be referred to as bánh canh by Vietnamese, in which case, it is made from rice flour and tapioca starch.


Lai fun noodles are made from rice flour and/or tapioca starch and are available in short or long varieties.


Lai fun, a short and thick style of noodle, has a very similar appearance with silver needle noodles. One way to distinguish the two is to look at the ends of each lai fun piece. The ends of lai fun noodles are often cut straight down as opposed to leaving a tapering "tail."[1]


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