Siu yeh
A snack shop in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong selling snacks for siu yeh
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Cantonese Yalesīu yé
Literal meaning宵 - overnight
夜 - night

Siu yeh (Chinese: 宵夜; Jyutping: siu1 je2; Cantonese Yale: sīu yé; pinyin: xiāoyè), also known as yexiao[citation needed] (Chinese: 夜宵; pinyin: yèxiāo), is a late night meal in the food culture of southern China. It is particularly associated with the cuisine of Hong Kong. It comes after dinner, and is similar to supper. Mealtime may start from about 9pm onwards until 4am, which would be early morning yum cha time. It can range anywhere from a snack to a full-fledged meal. For people working late night shifts, siu yeh is also associated with their post-midnight meals.[1] The first usage of the term "siu yeh" appeared during the Tang Dynasty.[2] Siu yeh is heavily associated with the culture of street food, night markets, and xiaochi.

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