Lo mai gai
Lotus leaf wrap
Alternative namesNuomiji
CourseDim sum
Place of originGuangdong, China
Region or stateCantonese-speaking areas
Main ingredientsGlutinous rice filled with chicken, Chinese mushrooms, Chinese sausage, scallions and dried shrimp
VariationsZongzi, Lotus leaf wrap
Lo mai gai
Traditional Chinese糯米雞
Simplified Chinese糯米鸡
Jyutpingno⁶ mai⁵ gai¹
Hanyu Pinyinnuòmǐjī
Literal meaningglutinous rice with chicken
Jan jyu gai
Traditional Chinese珍珠
Simplified Chinese珍珠
Jyutpingzan¹ zyu¹ gai¹
Hanyu Pinyinzhēnzhūjī
Literal meaningpearl chicken

Lo mai gai[a] (Chinese: 糯米雞; Cantonese Yale: noh mái gāi), literally "glutinous rice chicken", is a classic dim sum dish served during yum cha.[1] The portion size of lo mai gai is generally quite large, so there is a smaller variant created known as jan ju gai (Chinese: 珍珠雞; Jyutping: zan1 zyu1 gai1; Cantonese Yale: jān jyū gāi; lit. 'pearl chicken').


Lo mai gai is mostly a southern Chinese food. It contains glutinous rice filled with chicken, Chinese mushrooms, Chinese sausage, scallions, and sometimes dried shrimp or salted egg.[1][2] The ball of rice is then wrapped in a dried lotus leaf and steamed.[1] In North America, banana or grape leaves may be used instead.


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  1. ^ While proper Cantonese pronunciation specifies that "lo" should have an initial n- sound, free variation of n- and l- in many Cantonese speakers results in l- being the more commonly seen spelling for this word.


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