Pavese agnolotti
Homemade Pavese agnolotti
Alternative namesAgnolot, agnulot, agnuloti (Lombard)
Place of originItaly
Region or stateOltrepò Pavese
Serving temperatureHot or warm
Main ingredientsEgg-based pasta dough, Pavese stew

Pavese agnolotti (SG: Pavese agnolotto; Italian: agnolotti pavesi, Italian: [aɲɲoˈlɔtti paˈve.zi]; Lombard: agnolot, agnulot or agnuloti[1]) is a type of egg-based stuffed pasta of the Lombard cuisine served hot or warm, typical of the Oltrepò Pavese, an area of the province of Pavia, in the Italian region of Lombardy.[1] Pavese agnolotti can be served dry, with a sauce based on Pavese stew,[2] or in goose broth.[3][4]


A plate of dry Pavese agnolotti, with a Pavese stew-based sauce

The filling of the Pavese agnolotti is based on Pavese stew.[1] The recipe for this stuffed egg-based pasta is characterized by influences from Piedmontese and Piacentino cuisine, characteristics of areas that border the Oltrepò Pavese.[5] The shape of the pasta was based on the Piedmontese agnolotti, and the filling of Pavese stew is based on stracotto alla piacentina, which is the filling for Piacentino anolini [it].[6] The Piedmontese agnolotti, in particular, differ from the Pavese agnolotti due to the filling, which is instead based on roast meat.[7] Pavese agnolotti is a typical dish of the Christmas tradition,[8] and are consumed during celebrations and important occasions.[9]


A plate of Pavese agnolotti in goose broth

Pavese agnolotti are prepared by immersion in boiling water. Pavese agnolotti can be served dry, with a sauce based on Pavese stew,[2] or in goose broth.[3][4] In both cases they may be topped with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, but no cheese is contained within Pavese agnolotti.

Popular culture

The Pavese agnolotto which achieved the world record for its weight (148 kilograms or 326 pounds) was made in Fortunago in 2015.[9] A charity competition, called Palio dell'Agnolotto, is organized in the Oltrepò Pavese, where local restaurants and agritourisms compete in the preparation of the Pavese agnolotti with the aim of winning the event after judges vote, which rewards the three best Pavese agnolotti and awards the special prize for the best plating.[9][10]

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