Place of originItaly
Region or stateSardinia
Main ingredientsFlour, eggs[1]

Pillus is a type of pasta originating in the Sardinia island, particularly around Oristano.[2] A noodle-like pasta, it is made in thin ribbon strips. A feature of this pasta is that it is kneaded for a long time.[1] It is cooked in beef (or sometimes sheep) broth and served with pecorino cheese.[3][4] In Busachi the pasta is flavoured with toasted saffron and ground to a powder.[2]

Lisanzedas is a variant of pillus (and sometimes named as such) that is oven-baked in layers like lasagne. The shape of the pasta is large (7 to 8 inches) diameter disks rather than ribbons. It is the meat stew filling and the pecorino cheese that are the common factors rather than the shape of the pasta. A variant of lisanzedas found around Cagliari is flavoured with saffron.[1] Another variant of this sort from Giba is flavoured with fennel.[4]

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