Agnolini from Mantua, Lombardy
Alternative namesAgnulìn, agnulì
Place of originItaly
Region or stateProvince of Mantua, Lombardy
Serving temperatureWarm
Main ingredientsStracotto with white wine, salamella, pancetta, eggs, nutmeg, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper
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Agnolini (Mantuan dialect: agnulìn or agnulì) are a type of egg-based stuffed pasta originating from the province of Mantua. it is often eaten in soup or broth.

Title page of Bartolomeo Stefani [it]'s L'arte di ben cucinare  [it] (1662)

Agnolini's recipe was first published in L'arte di ben cucinare  [it] (1662) by Bartolomeo Stefani [it], a cook at the court of the Gonzaga family.[1] The recipe was passed down generationally by Mantuan families.[citation needed]

Agnolini are the main ingredient of soups of the Mantuan cuisine, usually consumed during holidays and important occasions. Served with chicken broth, it is a traditional Mantuan dish on Christmas Eve, alongside other traditional Mantuan dishes such as the agnolini's soup, sorbir d'agnoli, with abundant addition of Parmesan cheese. Sorbir, to which red wine is added, generally Lambrusco, represents the opening of the Christmas lunch.[2]

Agnolini differ from the classic Emilian tortellini, to which they are similar, in their shape and ingredients for the pasta dough.[3]

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