Place of originSweden
Region or statePiteå
Main ingredientsPotatoes, wheat or barley flour, salt

Pitepalt (see palt) is a Swedish dish related to kroppkakor or meat-filled dumplings. It is especially associated with the city of Piteå in Norrbotten County, thought to be its place of origin. [1]


This dish has many varieties. Pitepalt are mostly made of raw potatoes and a mix of wheat and barley flour. Pitepalt and kroppkaka look quite similar in shape. For kroppkaka, pre-boiled potatoes and wheat flour are used. This gives kroppkaka dumplings a slightly lighter color.[2]


Potatoes, wheat flour or barley flour, salt and pork are common ingredients in pitepalt. Some recipes also mention onions but this is uncommon.[citation needed]


This dish is traditionally eaten with butter and lingonberry jam.[citation needed]

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