Place of originScotland
Main ingredientsPotatoes, often onions, meat

Stovies (also stovy tatties, stoved potatoes, stovers or stovocks)[1][2][3] is a Scottish dish based on potatoes. Recipes and ingredients vary widely but the dish contains potatoes, fat, usually [1] onions and often [1][2] pieces of meat. In some versions, other vegetables may also be added.[4]

The potatoes are cooked by slow stewing in a closed pot with fat (lard, beef dripping or butter may be used)[1][5] and often a small amount of water[1] or sometimes other liquids, such as milk, stock or meat jelly.[1][4] Stovies may be served accompanied by cold meat[1] or oatcakes[6][7][8][9][10] and, sometimes, with pickled beetroot.[11][12]

"To stove" means "to stew" in Scots.[2][13][3] The term is from the French adjective étuvé[14] which translates as braised.[15][16] Versions without meat may be termed barfit and those with meat as high-heelers.[3]

Home-made stovies, with the unusual addition of peas
Stovies with beef leftovers and oatcakes

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