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Ragda patties
Place of originIndia
Region or stateMaharashtra
Main ingredientsyellow peas, potatoes, spices
VariationsSamosa ragda, chhole tikki

Ragda patties (colloquially ragda pattice) is a dish of mashed potato patties and pea sauce, and is part of the street food culture in the Indian state of Maharashtra.[1] It is similar to chhole tikki, more popular in North India. This dish is a popular street food offering and is also served at restaurants that offer Indian fast food. Pattice may be a localization of the English word 'patties', and refers to the potato cakes at the heart of the dish.[2]


This dish is a two-part preparation: ragda (gravy) and patties. Ragda is a light stew of rehydrated dried white peas cooked with a variety of spices. Patties are simple mashed potato cakes. In contrast to North Indian tikkis, patties are usually not spiced, only salted. To serve, two patties are placed in a bowl or plate, covered with some ragda, and garnished with finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, green chutney, tamarind chutney, and sev (crunchy gram flour noodles).[3]

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