Rasabali (ରସାବଳୀ)
Place of originKendrapara, Odisha[1]
Region or stateOdisha, India
Main ingredientsChhena, rabri

Rasabali (Odia: ରସାବଳୀ, IAST: rasābaḷi) is a sweet dish from Odisha, India. Rasabali is offered to Baladevjew, and originated in the Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara.[1] It is one of the Chapana bhoga of Jagannath temple.[2] Kendrapara's Rasabali got GI tag on 3 October 2023.[3]

It consists of deep fried flattened reddish brown patties of chhena (farmer cheese) that are soaked in thickened, sweetened milk (rabri). Flattening the chhena into palm-sized patties is done in order to allow them to absorb the milk more readily. The thickened milk is also usually lightly seasoned with crushed cardamoms.[4]

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