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18°55′46.08″N 72°49′59.12″E / 18.9294667°N 72.8330889°E / 18.9294667; 72.8330889

The Bombay Stock Exchange on the Dalal Street

Dalal Street (Hindi: dalāl path, Marathi: dalāl gallī) in Financial District of Fort in Mumbai, is the address of the Bombay Stock Exchange and several financial institutions of the world. The term "Dalal Street" has become a metonym for the financial markets of India, as a whole the Indian financial service industry or the financial district itself. The Marathi word dalāl means "a broker", "a go-between".[1]

In the media

The Mumbai based video game Mumbai Gullies is expected to feature the Dalal Street in the fictional map.[2][3]

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