The KET's V. G. Vaze College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Autonomous)
Mithagar Road


Coordinates19°09′47″N 72°57′27″E / 19.1630°N 72.9575°E / 19.1630; 72.9575
Other nameKelkar College
Established1984; 40 years ago (1984)
FounderShri Govind Damdodar alias Bhausaheb Kelkar
PrincipalProf.(Dr.)Preeta Nilesh
Campus typeUrban
AffiliationUniversity of Mumbai

The Kelkar Education Trust's Vinayak Ganesh Vaze College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Autonomous) (more commonly known as Kelkar College or Vaze College), is a Mumbai University affiliated college located in Mulund East, Mumbai. The college was established by the Kelkar Education Trust in 1984 in memory of its founder trustee, late Shri. Govind Damodar Vaze.


Bhausaheb Kelkar was an industrialist who manufactured fragrances. He had been promoting educational activities through donations to institutions and grants to underprivileged students. A Kelkar Education Trust was set up by Bhausaheb in Mulund in 1979 to start a college.[1] Kelkar College was started by the Kelkar-Vaze family in the year 1984. The college managed to get affiliation from University of Mumbai soon and is the youngest college to get permanent affiliation from the university of Mumbai.[2]


It is located at Mithagar area of Mulund East, a northeastern suburb of Mumbai. Surrounded by lush green mangroves on three sides. College is at 15 minutes walk-able distance from Mulund Railway station.

Affiliation and accreditation

The college is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai since 1990. It was also later recognized by UGC (University grants commission).[2]

Kelkar College is the first affiliated Arts, Science and Commerce institution in the state of Maharashtra which was assessed for accreditation by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), which the institution of UGC had started. College received five star status in 1998, reassessed in 2005 and assessed for third cycle in 2012 (Third time) with an "A" grade from NAAC.[3]

V.G. Vaze College was granted Autonomy in 2020.

Extra curricular activities


The college offers various professional courses, Post graduate programs, and advanced diploma under the dual degree program.

Students' Council

As per section 40 (2)(b) of Maharashtra University Act, 1994,[6] the college has set up a body of 22 nominated students, on behalf of all the students of the college, to represent various classes and disciplines.


The college hosts an inter college festival named "Dimensions".[7] It generally takes place during the month of December every year. Every year a theme is chosen, and accordingly the fest revolves around it.

The recent year of the fest - D’22 was termed as “Best Ever” being held after a gap of two years due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the offline comeback of the festival was grand with the highest recorded footfall of 20,000+ with support of big brands as sponsors like Sugar Cosmetics, Sony Marathi, SBI and much more.

Year Theme Name
2013 Back to Innocence [8]
2014 Tour De World [9]
2015 The Age of Superheroes [10]
2016 The Theater of Dreams
2017 Cosmic Udaan
2018 Lumos
2019 Palace Of Lost Things
2020 A Toast to Transition
2022 Cassette You

Notable alumni

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