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Worli Fort
वरळी किल्ला
Worli koliwada, Mumbai, India
Worli Fort
Worli Fort is located in Mumbai
Worli Fort
Worli Fort
Coordinates19°01′26″N 72°49′00″E / 19.0238°N 72.8166°E / 19.0238; 72.8166
Site information
OwnerIndia Government of India
Controlled by British Raj (1675-1947)
Open to
the public
Site history
Built1675 (1675)
Old map of the region (post 1805).

The Worli Fort is a fort in Worli, Mumbai, India.[1] Though often incorrectly assumed to have been built by the Portuguese, the fort was built by the British around 1675 on Worli Hill. Worli Fort overlooked Mahim Bay at a time when the city comprised just seven islands and was used as a lookout for enemy ships.

The centuries-old village is home to one of the oldest communities of fisherfolk which is still existing in Mumbai.[2]

The area around Worli Hill is also known for its fossils and geology[3]

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