Isle of Mull Cheddar cheese

Isle of Mull Cheddar is a very sharp white cheddar cheese with a blue vein, from the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. It is made from unpasteurised milk.


The cows on the Sgriob-ruadh farm are grass-reared[1] with fermented grain from the nearby Tobermory distillery also used for fodder.[2][3] Milk is taken directly to the cheesemaking vats[1] without being pasteurised.[4] The ivory colour of the cheese is lighter than many other cheddars and there are some blue veins at the edges, with a taste that is slightly nuttier that other cheddars.[2][3][5]

Jeff and Chris Reade began making the cheese in the 1980s and their sons were later involved.[4] Jeff Reade died in April 2013 and his memory was honoured at the British Cheese awards.[6] In 2003 the herd was predominantly Friesian cows.[1]


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