Suffolk Gold
Country of originEngland
TownCreeting St Mary
Source of milkCow's milk of Guernsey cattle
Weight3 kilograms (6.5 pounds)
Aging time8-10 weeks

Suffolk Gold cheese is a semi-soft cheese prepared from the pasteurised cow's milk of Guernsey cattle.[1][2] Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses, a family-operated company located in Creeting St Mary, Suffolk, England, produces the cheese.[2][3] The dairy was established in 2004.[1]


The cheese is aged for ten to twelve weeks, and has a buttery flavour and creamy texture.[1][2] Suffolk Gold is produced in rounds that weigh 3 kilograms (6.5 pounds).[2]

As an ingredient

Suffolk Gold cheese is used as an ingredient in Fairfields Farm Crisps, a potato crisp product produced in Colchester, Essex, England.[4]


Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses received the BALE agricultural award from the Suffolk Agricultural Association in 2013.[5][6]

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