A batch of chhú-khak-ké in a steamer
Alternative namesChau-a-ke, chu-khak-ke, shuquguo
Place of originChina
Region or stateFujian and Taiwan
Main ingredientsglutinous rice flour, sugar, ground Jersey cudweed paste
Similar dishesQingtuan
Other informationServed during Qingming
Alternative Chinese name
Second alternative Chinese name
Third alternative Chinese name
Literal meaningQingming cake

Chhau-a-koe is a type of kuih with a sweet dough made with glutinous rice flour, sugar, and a ground cooked paste of Jersey cudweed or Chinese mugwort. The herbs give the dough and the finished kuih a unique flavor and brownish green color.[1] The kuih is found in Fujian, Hakka, and Taiwanese cuisine.

Chhau-a-koe is usually made in Qingming Festival as a celebratory food item. Although the kuih can be made from either herb, Chinese mugwort is more commonly used in making Hakka-style caozaiguo.[1][2] The herb-flavored dough is commonly filled with ground meat, dried white radish, or sweet bean pastes. In Taiwan, a filling consisting of Dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, dried and shredded white radish (菜脯), and deep-fried shallots is commonly used.

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