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Fo Shou

Other namesHalf Day Perish
OriginYong Chun and Mount Wuyi, Fujian Province, China

Quick descriptionA rarely seen Mount Wuyi Oolong with a peculiar taste

A map of China with Fujian province highlighted
Fo Shou tea is grown in Fujian province, China.

Fo Shou (Chinese: ; pinyin: fó shǒu; lit. 'Buddha's hand'; pronounced [fwǒ ʂòʊ]) is a Yongchun (永春; Yǒng Chūn) and Wuyi Oolong tea with a light and somewhat peculiar taste. It is also produced in Taiwan.

According to Babelcarp (citation below), Fo Shou is an alternate name for xiāng yuán (香橼).