Small sausage in large sausage
CourseMain course
Place of originTaiwan
Region or stateNationwide
Created byTaiwanese
Serving temperatureHot

Small sausage in large sausage (Chinese: 大腸包小腸; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: tōa-tn̂g pau sió-tn̂g; lit. 'large intestine wrapping small intestine') is a snack sausage sandwich invented in Taiwan in the late 20th century. A segment of Taiwanese pork sausage is wrapped in a (slightly bigger and fatter) sticky rice sausage to make this delicacy, usually served chargrilled.[1] Deluxe versions are available in night markets in Taiwan, with condiments such as pickled bokchoy, pickled cucumber, garlic, hot peppers, wasabi, and thick soy sauce paste to complement the taste.[1]

Sheng Yi Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice in Taiwan Kaohsiung Liuho night market

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