Tongue toast
TypeOpen sandwich
CourseBreakfast or hors d'oeuvre
Main ingredientsBread, beef tongue, scrambled eggs, onions

Tongue toast is a traditional open sandwich prepared with sauteed beef tongue and scrambled eggs.[1][2] It is seasoned to taste with black pepper and onions. The tongue is sometimes served on buttered toast with a poached egg instead of a scrambled one.[3] While it was primarily prepared as a dish for breakfast, it was also eaten for lunch and dinner.[4]

A variant served for breakfast involved the use of boiled, smoked beef tongue, cream, scrambled egg, and seasoned to taste with nutmeg, pepper, chopped parsley, and chopped green peppers.[5] A modern variant involved the use of reindeer tongue instead of beef tongue.[6]

Tongue toast was also served as an hors d'oeuvre, prepared in a similar fashion to a French toast preparation, as a star-shaped appetizer stamped out of buttered toast with mustard butter added to it.[7]

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