Scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs
Place of originworldwide
Main ingredientsEggs
Ingredients generally usedSalt, pepper, butter

Scrambled eggs is a dish made from eggs (usually chicken eggs) stirred, whipped, or beaten together typically with salt, butter, oil, and sometimes other ingredients, and heated so that they form into curds.[1][2]


The scrambling of eggs is an ancient technique. The earliest documented recipe for scrambled eggs was in the 14th-century Italian cookbook Libro della cucina.[3]


Only eggs are necessary to make scrambled eggs,[4][5] but salt, water, chives, cream, crème fraîche, sour cream, grated cheese and other ingredients may be added.[6][7] Recipes vary as to which, if any, ought to be included.[8][9]

The eggs are cracked into a bowl with salt and pepper, and the mixture is stirred or whisked. Alternatively, the eggs are cracked directly into a hot pan or skillet, and the whites and yolks stirred together as they cook. In Food in England (1954) Dorothy Hartley comments, "There are two main schools: one (which I believe to be correct) breaks in the eggs direct, so that particles of clear white and clear yellow remain in the creamy mass. The other school beats the eggs together first, maintaining it gives a smoother texture".[10] Elizabeth David (1960) takes the latter view: "For scrambled eggs, unlike those for an omelette, the eggs should be very well beaten".[11]

Preparation in pans

The mixture can be poured into a hot pan containing melted butter or oil, where it starts coagulating.[12] The heat is turned down and the eggs are stirred as they cook. This creates small, soft curds of egg. A thin pan is preferable to prevent browning. With continuous stirring, and not allowing the eggs to stick to the pan, the eggs themselves will maintain the pan temperature at about the boiling point of water, until they coagulate. In their Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961), Simone Beck, Louisette Bertholle and Julia Child write, "Scrambled eggs in French style are creamy soft curds that just hold their shape from fork to mouth. Their preparation is entirely a matter of stirring the eggs over gentle heat until they slowly thicken as a mass into a custard."[13]

Alternatively, Escoffier describes using a double boiler[14][15] as the heating source, which does not need adjustment as the direct heating method does. The eggs are directly placed in the cooker and mixed during the heating and not before. Cooking by this method prevents the eggs from browning while being cooked and gives aerated and creamy scrambled eggs.[15] This method was used in the "old classical kitchen" and guarantees the eggs are always cooked perfectly; it is, however, more time-consuming than the modern skillet method, taking up to 40 minutes to ensure perfect quality.[14]

Once the liquid has mostly set, additional ingredients such as ham, herbs, cheese, or cream[12] may be folded in over low heat until incorporated. The eggs are usually slightly undercooked when removed from heat since the eggs will continue to set. If any liquid is seeping from the eggs (syneresis), this is a sign of undercooking, overcooking, or adding undercooked high-moisture vegetables.

Scrambled eggs can be cooked in a microwave oven,[16] and can also be prepared using sous-vide cooking, which gives the traditional smooth creamy texture and requires only occasionally mixing during cooking.[17] Another technique for cooking creamy scrambled eggs is to pipe steam into eggs with butter via a steam wand (as found on an espresso machine).[18]


Scotch woodcock, a British dish of scrambled eggs and anchovy paste on toast



121 French variants of scrambled egg
French name English Ingredients Ref
à l'amiral admiral's style garnished with diced lobster, served with lobster sauce [25]
aux anchois with anchovies mixed with chopped anchovies garnished with strips of anchovy fillets [25]
Antoine mixed with diced fried bacon, herbs and capers covered with brown butter [25]
à l'archiduchesse archduchess mixed with diced ham and mushrooms, seasoned with paprika, garnished with asparagus [26]
à l'Argenteuil with asparagus garnished with asparagus tips [25]
à l'arlésienne Arles style mixed with diced aubergine and tomatoes tossed in butter [25]
Aumale mixed with diced tomatoes, with diced veal kidneys in madeira sauce in the centre [26]
Balzac mixed with diced ox tongue and truffle, garnished with croutons coated with onion purée served with demi-glace tomato [26]
à la batelière boatsmans style mixed with chopped chives, served in tartlets lined with purée of sole [25]
Belly mixed with diced salt pork and chopped chives served with demi-glace [25]
Benclan garnished with diced peppers, sprinkled with chopped truffles [27]
à la bonne femme housewife's style mixed with croutons fried in butter, served with demi-glace [27]
à la bordelaise Bordeaux style mixed with diced mushrooms, garnished with triangles of fried bread, served with bordelaise sauce [27]
à la bourguignonne Burgundy style mixed with chopped snails, diced bacon, garlic chopped nuts and parsley, served with Madeira sauce [27]
à la brésilienne Brazilian style mixed with strips of red peppers, served in puff pastry case, served with tomato sauce, mixed with chopped ham [27]
Bresse garnished with sautéed chicken livers and slices of truffle, served with demi-glace [27]
Cambridge Cambridge style mixed with diced lobster, mushrooms and peppers served with cream sauce [27]
Cannelons puff pastry horns filled with scrambled eggs [26]
Carême mixed with diced goose liver, chicken and truffles served in puff pastry shell, garnished with sliced truffle served with demi-glace [26]
Carnot mixed with cockscombs and mushrooms, garnished with cocks' kidneys, served with demi-glace [27]
à la châlonnaise Chalons style garnished with cockscombs and kidneys, with cream sauce [27]
Chambord served on slices of fried aubergine, served with demi-glace [27]
aux champignons with mushrooms mixed with diced or sliced mushrooms, served with Spanish sauce [26]
Chantilly with whipped cream mixed with whipped cream, sprinkled with chopped chives [27]
Châtillon garnished with sliced, sautéed mushrooms, sprinkled with chopped chives, topped with fried parsley [26]
à la comtesse countess mixed with shrimps garnished with asparagus tips, served with demi-glace [27]
aux crevettes with shrimps mixed with shrimps [27]
Crispi garnished with diced, sautéed tomatoes and croutons fried in butter [27]
aux croûtons with fried bread mixed with small croutons fried in butter [27]
Divette mixed with crayfish tails, served with crayfish sauce mixed with diced crayfish and asparagus tips [26]
Don Juan mixed with chopped green peppers, garnished with strips of anchovy fillets, served with madeira sauce [27]
Eierrösti diced bread, soaked in warm milk stirred mixed with hot butter and beaten eggs, prepared the same way as scrambled eggs (Swiss) [27]
Elliot dressed in border of rice, served with madeira sauce [27]
Elvira mixed with diced truffles, filled in flat putt pastry shell, garnished with fried goose liver coated with paprika sauce, green asparagus tips dressed in centre [27]
à l'épicurienne epicurean truffles and mushrooms, served with demi-glace [27]
Esau mixed with diced fried bacon, dressed on bed of lentils, served with demi-glace [27]
À l'espagnole Spanish style served on halved fried tomatoes, garnished thinly sliced peppers [26]
à l'estragon with tarragon mixed with chopped tarragon, served with demi-glace with tarragon essence [27]
Figaro garnished with sliced sausage, served with Montebello sauce [27]
aux fines herbes with herbs mixed with chopped parsley, tarragon, chervil and chives [27]
aux foies de volaille with chicken livers garnished with sautéed chicken livers tossed in Madeira sauce [26]
Forestière forester-style with mushrooms and diced bacon [26]
Georgette served in baked potato skins, eggs mixed with diced crayfish [26]
Gordon mixed with truffles, served in puff pastry shell, garnished with beef marrow, served with Chateaubriand sauce [28]
à la grand'mère grandmother's style mixed with chopped parsley and croutons fried in butter [28]
Graziella large brioche, hollowed out, filled with plain scrambled eggs and sautéed slices of mushrooms, served with fried slices of veal kidneys [28]
à la hambourgeoise Hamburg style garnished with strips of boned and skinned herring fillets [28]
Hangtown fry mixed with diced fried bacon and fried oysters [28]
Héloïse mixed with strips of ox tongue, chicken and mushrooms served with tomato sauce [28]
a l'homard with lobster garnished with diced lobster in lobster sauce [28]
Huysmans mixed with diced mushrooms and artichoke bottoms, filled in puff pastry shell, garnished with slices of veal kidneys, served with madeira sauce [28]
a l'italienne Italian style in risotto with diced tomatoes, served with tomato sauce [28]
au jambon with ham mixed with diced or chopped ham [28]
Jérôme puff pastry shell half filled with chopped game, topped with scrambled eggs [28]
Joinville mixed with diced shrimps, mushrooms and truffles, served in puff pastry case, garnished with shrimps, a slice of truffle and a mushroom [28]
à la laitière dairymaid style mixed with grated Emmenthal cheese, chopped parsley, chives and chervil [28]
Lesseps garnished with slices of fried calf's brain, poured over with brown butter [28]
Leuchtenberg mixed with chopped chives, caviar in the centre [28]
Lucullus mixed with diced truffles, garnished with slices of truffles, served with demi-glace [28]
à la madrilène Madrid style mixed with cream and diced sautéed tomatoes [28]
Magda mixed with chopped herbs, mustard and grated Parmesan, garnished with fried triangular croutons [26]
Manon mixed with chopped mushrooms and truffles, dressed on tartlet of chicken forcemeat croquette, served with truffled velouté sauce [28]
Marie mixed with grated parmesan, in puff pastry case, sprinkled with chopped truffles [28]
Marivaux mixed with chopped truffles, large mushroom cap in centre, served with sliced mushrooms and meat glaze [26]
Mary mixed with chopped truffles and sweet red peppers dressed in puff pastry case [28]
à la mauresque Moorish style mixed with chopped tried sausage and ham [28]
Mercédès mixed with chopped chives, dressed in flat hollow brioche or roll filled with diced tomatoes tossed in oil, served with tomato sauce [28]
à la mexicaine Mexican style mixed with diced green peppers, served with tomato sauce [28]
Mezerai garnished with grilled halved lamb kidneys and truffle slices, served with truffle sauce [29]
à la monégasque Monaco garnished with slices of lobster, masked with lobster sauce [29]
Montbarry mixed with diced mushrooms truffles and alien-ragas tips, served on rice mixed with grated parmesan and Swiss cheese [29]
à la nantaise Nantes style on fried bread croutons, garnished with sardines [29]
Nantua mixed with diced crayfish tails and truffles, garnished with sliced truffles, served with crayfish sauce [29]
à la normande, Normandy style garnished with poached oysters served with Normandy sauce [29]
à la norvégienne Norwegian style garnished with strips of anchovy fillets and served on toast [29]
œufs de vanneau à la printanière scrambled plovers eggs, spring style in flat puff pastry case, topped with puree of morels, mixed with diced truffles, sprinkled with chopped herbs [29]
Opera mixed with diced sautéed chicken livers, garnished with asparagus tips, served with buttered veal gravy [29]
à l'orientale oriental style mixed with diced tomatoes, sautéed with onions, and diced green peppers, garnished with croutons coated with onion puree, served with meat glaze [29]
Orloff garnished with crayfish tails and truffles [26]
a l'ostendaise ostend style mixed with poached oysters, served with oyster sauce [29]
Panthéon mixed with diced chicken livers and mushrooms, garnished with fleurons served with truffle sauce [29]
Parmentier diced fried potatoes, in meat glaze with chopped parsley [29]
aux Parmesan with Parmesan mixed with grated Parmesan, sprinkled with chopped parsley [29]
Paulus garnished with diced tomatoes and sweet green peppers [29]
Pisto Manchego Espanola mixed with diced bacon, tomatoes, chopped onions and parsley sautéed in oil (Spanish) [29]
aux pointes d'asperges with asparagus tips mixed with green asparagus tips, a small bunch of asparagus tips in the centre [29]
à la portugaise Portuguese style mixed with diced tomatoes, served with tomato sauce muted tomatoes in centre [29]
Princess mixed with asparagus tips, garnished with asparagus tips and truffle slices, served with cream sauce [29]
Princess Marie mixed with grated parmesan and diced truffles, served in pastry shells or cocotte dishes [26]
à la provençale Provençal style mixed with diced tomatoes, garlic and chopped parsley [29]
Rachel mixed with diced truffles and asparagus tips, garnished with sliced truffles, served with demi-glace [26]
Ranhofer served in artichoke bottoms, garnished with ox marrow coated with burgundy sauce [29]
Raspail mixed with diced celery, tomatoes and cream [29]
à la reine Hortense Queen Hortense mixed with diced lobster and mushrooms, garnished with pilau rice, mixed with diced red peppers and peas, pressed into small moulds and turned out served with lobster sauce [29]
à la reine Margot Queen Margaret with pistachio butter and velouté, served in tartlets [26]
à la romaine Roman style mixed with chopped anchovy fillets, shredded spinach and garlic, served with demi-glace mixed with tomato purée [29]
Rothschild with crayfish, asparagus tips, sliced truffles and Nantua sauce [26]
Rôtisserie Périgourdine mixed with diced truffles, filled in flat puff pastry case, garnished with slices of truffles cooked in Burgundy, coated with buttered burgundy sauce [29]
Rotraud mixed with crayfish sauce, asparagus tips in centre, garnished with sliced truffles and crayfish tails, served with crayfish sauce [30]
Salamanque Salamanca mixed with diced truffles served on artichoke bottoms covered with cheese sauce and glazed [30]
Sans-gêne served on artichoke bottoms garnished with ox marrow, served with Burgundy sauce and sprinkled with chopped parsley [30]
Sappho Bernhardt garnished with slices of truffles cockscombs and cocks' kidneys, served with cream sauce [30]
Saragossa mixed with diced fried ham, garnished with thick fried slices of bananas and corn fritters, served with tomato sauce [30]
Schinkel mixed with strips of ham, artichoke bottoms and mushrooms, in border of puff pastry, served with buttered meat glaze mixed with chopped tarragon, crayfish butter dropped on top [30]
St Denis served in very large grilled mushroom caps, with red wine sauce [30]
à la suisse Swiss style mixed with diced Swiss cheese, in tartlets, sprinkled with grated cheese and gratinated [30]
à la sultane sultan's style finished with pistachio butter, served in baked border of duchess potatoes [30]
Sylvette served in puff pastry tartlet filled with crayfish purée, garnished with truffle, served with Madeira sauce [30]
Tartuffe mixed with fried diced bacon served in puff pastry case, served with truffle sauce [30]
aux tomates with tomatoes mixed with diced sautéed tomatoes [30]
Toronto served in hollowed out tomatoes, covered with Bordeaux sauce, sprinkled with grated cheese and glazed rapidly [30]
aux truffes with truffles mixed with diced truffles, garnished with truffle slices, served with demi-glace [30]
à la turque Turkish style half aubergine fried, tomatoes and onions, seasoned with saffron, topped with scrambled eggs [30]
Urbain Dubois mixed with diced lobster, served in hollowed lobster claws, coated with lobster sauce [30]
Vaucourt mixed with diced truffles and asparagus tips served in border of baked duchess potatoes, garnished with truffle slices, served with demi-glace [30]
Vert-pré green meadow tartlets half filled with puree of spinach or lettuce, topped with scrambled eggs, sprinkled with chopped herbs, served with velouté [30]
Villemain served in puff pastry tartlets or patties on chicken forcemeat eggs mixed with diced mushrooms [30]
Waldorf large grilled mushroom caps stuffed with scrambled eggs, small round slice of truffled goose liver pâté on top, served with truffle sauce [30]
Walewska garnished with dice of truffles and lobster, bound with cream sauce blended with lobster butter, served with the same sauce [31]
à la westphalienne Westphalian style mixed with fried diced Westphalian ham [31]
Yvette mixed with crayfish tails, garnished with asparagus tips, served with crayfish sauce [26]
Video showing the steps in which basic scrambled eggs are prepared with mushrooms and cheese
Poqui poqui, a scrambled egg dish with grilled eggplants, tomatoes, shallots, and garlic, from the Philippines


David records an Italian version of scrambled eggs: Uova stracciate al formaggio. In addition to the eggs and butter, cream is added, and when the eggs are cooked, grated Parmesan cheese is sprinkled on the top.[32]



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