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Canh chua
Pho and eggs in Ho Chi Minh city
Pho and eggs in Ho Chi Minh city

This is a list of dishes found in Vietnamese cuisine.

Noodle dishes

Main article: Vietnamese noodles

Name Image Region Type Description
Bánh canh
South of Vietnam Noodle dish Thick noodle[1][2]
Bánh đa cua
Hải Phòng Rice paper with soup Rice paper with crab broth
Bánh hỏi
Banh hoi.jpg
Bình Định Province Noodle dish Extremely thin noodles that are woven into intricate bundles and often topped with chopped scallions (spring onions) and a complementary meat dish[1]
Bánh tằm cà ri
Bánh tằm cà ri.jpg
Cà Mau Noodles Spicy chicken curry over special rice noodles
Bún bò Huế
Thừa Thiên–Huế Province Noodle soup Huế style (hot and spicy) beef rice vermicelli soup with lemongrass and pork[3][4]
Bún bung Bún mọc sườn.jpg Hanoi Noodle soup Rice vermicelli cooked with pork ribs and bamboo shoots
Bún cá
Bún Cá Hà Nội.jpg
Hanoi Noodle dish Rice vermicelli and grilled fish balls mixed with fish sauce and raw vegetables
Bún chả cá
Bún chả cá, tháng 8 năm 2018.JPG
South Central Coast Noodle soup Rice vermicelli soup with fried fishcake
Chạo tôm
Chạo tôm.jpg
Thừa Thiên–Huế Province Noodle dish Barbecued shrimp paste/mousse on a sugar cane stick
Bún chả
Bún chả Hàng Mành.jpg
Hanoi Noodle dish Vermicelli noodles with grilled pork meatballs served over salad, herbs, bean sprouts, and sliced cucumbers
Bún đậu mắm tôm
Bún đậu mắm tôm.jpg
Northern Vietnam Noodle dish Rice vermicelli with fried beans and shrimp paste
Bún mắm
Bún mắm.jpg
Trà Vinh, Sóc Trăng Noodle soup Rice vermicelli with broth made from fish sauce or choke fish
Bún mọc
Bun Moc Ha Noi.jpg
Hanoi Noodle soup Rice vermicelli with sprouted broth
Bún măng vịt
Bún măng thịt vịt.jpg
Noodle soup Bamboo shoots and duck noodle soup.[3]
Bún ốc
Bún ốc.jpg
North of Vietnam Noodle soup Noodles with snails
Bún riêu
Bun rieu.jpg
Red River Delta Noodle soup Rice vermicelli in a tomato and crab broth[3][5]
Bún thịt nướng
Bun thit nuong.jpg
Huế Noodle dish Grilled pork (often shredded) and cold vermicelli noodles over a bed of greens (salad and sliced cucumber), herbs and bean sprouts. Also often includes a few chopped up egg rolls, spring onions, and shrimp. Served with roasted peanuts on top and a small bowl of nước chấm.[1][3][6]
Bún thang
Bún thang.JPG
Hanoi Noodle soup Ric vermicelli served with broth and various other ingredients – laksa leaves, Chinese coriander, thin fried chicken eggs, shredded chicken breast, and thinly sliced pork rolls
Cao lầu
Cao lầu.jpg
Quảng Nam Province Noodle dish Originated from Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam, mì quảng is adamant about maintaining a variety of colors and textures, featuring a pork and shrimp-based broth, the chewy yellow of the thick turmeric noodles, the bright green ribbons of lettuce, the soft earthy pork, the tenderness of the shrimp, the pleasant crunch of crushed peanut between your teeth, and the snap of the sesame-freckled rice crackers.
Cellophane noodles
miến, bún tàu, bún tào
Noodles Transparent noodle made from starch and water, generally sold in dried form, soaked to reconstitute, then used in soups, stir-fried dishes, or spring rolls.
Hủ tiếu
Hủ tiếu Nam Vang.jpg
Southern Vietnam Noodle soup Chinese/Cambodian noodle soup traditionally consisting of rice noodles with pork broth.
Mì or Súp mì
Spicy noodle soup with beef, Festival des Pâtes, Paris 001.jpg
Noodle soup Vietnamese/Chinese noodle soup with yellow wheat noodles brought over by Chinese immigrants.
Mì Quảng
Mì Quảng.jpg
Quảng Nam Province Noodle dish Ingredients often vary, but dishes most often consist of wide rice noodles served with little broth, pork chops, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, peanuts, and bánh tráng.
Mì xào giòn
Wok cooking.jpg
Noodle dish Deep-fried egg noodles, topped with seafood, vegetables, and a sauce
Hanoi Noodle dish Noodle soup served with various cuts of beef and onions.[5] Often eaten with basil, mint, lime, and bean sprouts
Miến lươn
Mien luon Hang Dieu.JPG
Northern Vietnam, North Central Coast (Nghệ An) Noodle soup Rice vermicelli served with eel meat
Miến trộn
Miến cua.jpg
Noodle dish Stir-fried rice vermicelli mixed with shrimp or crab, seasoned with sweet and spicy spices
Rice noodles
bánh canh, bánh phở
Noodles Made from rice flour
Rice vermicelli
Rice vermicelli.jpg
Noodles A type of rice noodles


Name Image Region Type Description
Bánh ú
Dumpling Bak Chang dumplings – like Chinese zongzi
Bánh bao
Dumpling Ball-shaped bun filled with pork and other ingredients[2]
Bánh bột lọc
Bánh bột lọc.jpg
North Central Coast Dumpling Wrapper made of tapioca starch packed with shrimp[2][4]
Bánh bột lọc trần
Banh bot loc.JPG
Dumpling Dumplings with wrappers made of tapioca starch; similar to chaozhou fun guo
Bánh bột lọc lá
Bánh lọc Mỹ Chánh, đặc sản Quảng Trị, Tết 2018 (1).jpg
Thừa Thiên–Huế Province Dumpling Tiny rice flour dumplings stuffed with shrimp and ground pork and wrapped in a banana leaf; from Huế
Bánh cam
Southern Vietnam Dumpling Deep-fried glutinous rice sesame balls filled with sweetened mung bean paste; from southern Vietnam
Bánh ít
Bánh ít trần.JPG
Dumpling Small stuffed glutinous rice flour balls[2]
Bánh ít trần
Đĩa bánh ít trần.jpg
Dumpling "Naked" small stuffed glutinous rice flour balls
Bánh khúc
Bánh khúc.JPG
North Vietnam Dumpling Glutinous rice ball
Bánh nậm
Bánh Nậm.jpg
Thừa Thiên–Huế Province Dumpling Flat rice flour dumpling from Huế stuffed with minced pork and mushroom, and seasoned with pepper and spices; wrapped in a banana leaf[2]
Bánh phu thê
Bánh phu thê.jpg
Bắc Ninh Province Dumpling Literally "husband and wife cake"; a sweet cake made of rice or tapioca flour and gelatin, filled with mung bean paste; also spelled bánh xu xê (su sê)
Bánh phu thê bột bán Dumpling Husband and wife cakes made with tapioca pearls
Bánh rán
Northern Vietnam Dumpling Deep-fried glutinous rice sesame balls filled with sweetened mung bean paste; from northern Vietnam[2][7]
Bánh tẻ
Banh te My Duc.png
Hanoi Dumpling Small steamed rice cake wrapped with leaves of some local trees into a long, thin cylindrical shape, and boiled thoroughly.
Bánh giò
Bánh giò.jpg
Dumpling Made from filtered flour, lean shoulder meat, wood ear, dried onion, pepper, fish sauce, salt... Bánh giò has a long, jutting shape like an upside down hand.

Pancakes and sandwiches

Name Image Region Type Description
Bánh bèo
Bánh bèo.jpg
Quảng Bình Province Rice cake Small steamed savory rice cakes[2]
Bánh bột lọc
Banh bot loc.JPG
Huế Rice cake Rice dumplings made in a clear rice flour batter stuffed with shrimp and ground pork. Cooked inside a banana leaf.
Bánh căn
Bánh căn 1.jpg
Southern Vietnam Egg dish A southern specialty consisting of small pancakes made with quail eggs, cooked in small clay pans[1]
Bánh đúc
Rice or corn cake Rice cake or corn cake eaten as a dessert or savory meal
Bánh khọt
Bánh khọt trên khuôn.jpg
Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu province Pancake A southern specialty consisting of small, fried rice flour pancakes[2]
Bánh mì
Bánh mì thịt nướng.png
Sandwich Vietnamese sandwich[8]
Bánh rế
Bánh rế.jpg
Bình Thuận Province Pancake Deep-fried pancake
Bánh xèo
Bánh xèo 1.jpg
Southern Vietnam Crepe Coconut milk-flavored crepes[1][2][9]
Bánh bột chiên
Botchien in Vietnam.jpg
Southern Vietnam Rice cake Fried rice cake with eggs and tangy soy sauce.
Bánh phồng tôm
Fried Krupuk Udang.JPG
Southern Vietnam Snack A form of deep fried snack made from starch and prawn.
Bánh cống
Bánh cống de Cần Thơ.jpg
Sóc Trăng Tapioca cake Minced pork mixed with tapioca root and whole green beans, served with a circled shrimp on top.
Bánh quai vạc
HK Tsuen Wan 建明街 Kin Ming Street sign Cheong Wah Building Tasty Bakery 08 chinese cookies 油炸角仔 Cantonese Peanut puffs Kok Chai a.jpg
South Central Coast, Southern Vietnam Tapioca cake Made from tapioca starch, filled with shrimp and meat inside.
Bánh tai Phú Thọ Rice cake Made from plain rice flour, pork and some other spices.
Bánh tai heo
Bánh tai heo trong khay mứt ngày tết.jpg
Tapioca cake Made from flour, granulated sugar, white sesame, condensed milk, eggs, butter, vanilla, cooking oil, salt, water... and processed by deep frying.

Rolls and rice papers

Name Image Region Type Description
Bánh cuốn
Banh cuon.jpg
Hanoi Roll Steamed rice roll[2][10]
Bánh tôm
Bánh tôm.jpg
Hanoi Seafood dish Shrimp patties[2]
Bánh tôm Hồ Tây Hanoi Seafood dish A shrimp patty specialty originating from the area around West Lake (Tây Hồ), Hanoi
Bánh tráng
Nems wafer DSC04723.JPG
Central Vietnam, Binh Dinh Rice paper Rice paper
Bánh ướt
Banh Uot Tom Chay Kim Long.jpg
Khánh Hòa Province Rice paper Steamed rice paper[2]
Cha gio or Nem ran
Cha Gio.jpg
Saigon Roll Fried pork spring rolls
Gỏi cuốn
Summer roll.jpg
Roll Soft vermicelli summer roll
Gỏi cá
Vietnamese salad roll.jpg
Roll Raw fish meat wrapped in rice paper rolls with herbs, served with dipping sauce
Món cuốn
Cuốn nem rán (đa nem) 1.JPG
Roll Roll which includes a variety of ingredients rolled in rice paper (bánh tráng)
bò bía
Popiah cu.JPG
Roll Spring roll wrapped in a soft, thin paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour
Trảng Bàng dew-wetted rice paper
bánh tráng phơi sương Trảng Bàng
Galettes de riz rectangulaires, séchées au soleil.jpg
Tây Ninh Province Rice paper Wetted rice paper


Name Image Region Type Description
Cơm nắm
Rice balls to freeze.jpg
Northern Vietnam Rice dish Rice ball
Cơm tấm
Cơm tấm sườn bì chả.jpg
Saigon Rice dish Warm broken rice often served with a slab of grilled pork chop marinated in sugar and fish sauce (sườn), a slice of steamed pork loaf topped with egg yolks (chả trứng hấp), and a mixture of pork skin and thinly shredded pork (bì).
Cơm rượu
Southern Vietnam Dessert Dessert from Southern Vietnam, made from glutinous rice
Cơm cháy
Cơm cháy Ninh Bình.JPG
Ninh Bình, Hải Phòng Dessert Crispy golden brown rice at the bottom of the cooking pot – which is then left dried in natural sunlight for2–3 days
Cơm hến
Hến trộn.jpg
Thừa Thiên-Huế Rice dish A Vietnamese rice dish made from cooked baby river mussels (basket clams), rice, peanuts, pork rinds, shrimp paste, chili paste, starfruits and bạc hà stems. It is normally served with the broth of cooked mussels
Cơm gà Quảng Nam
Cơm gà Tam Kỳ, Quảng Nam.JPG
Quảng Nam Rice dish Cooked rice served with boiled chicken and sprinkled with chicken broth
Cơm lam
Cơm lam Tây Nguyên.jpg
Northern midlands and mountainous, Central Highlands Rice dish Glutinous rice and other ingredients placed in bamboo tubes and cooked on fire
Cơm chiên
Rice dish Rice fried with meat, eggs, and vegetables


Main article: Xôi

Name Image Region Type Description
Xôi cúc.jpg
Sticky rice dish Sweet (ngọt) or savory (mặn) dish made from glutinous rice and other ingredients.
Oản Sticky rice dish White sticky rice, granulated sugar or cake flour formed into a truncated pyramid shape – used as an offering in Buddhist temples.
Xôi chiên
Xôi chiên.JPG
Sticky rice dish White sticky rice flattened and deep fried in oil.
Xôi đậu xanh
Xôi đỗ xanh.jpg
Northern Vietnam, Central Vietnam Sticky rice dish Mung beans are scrubbed, soaked and peeled – then mixed with glutinous rice and steamed.
Xôi gà
Xôi gà.jpg
Sticky rice dish White sticky rice cooked with coconut milk and shredded boiled/ roasted chicken, then served in bowls or pandan leaves.
Xôi gấc
Xôi gấc.JPG
Sticky rice dish Sticky rice cooked with gac meat to create a bright red color and delicious flavor.
Xôi lá cẩm
Xôi lá cẩm.jpg
Sticky rice dish Sticky rice cooked in Camellia leaves to create a red purple color.
Xôi đậu phộng Sticky rice dish Soaked glutinous rice cooked with boiled peanuts.
Xôi ngũ sắc
Xôi ngũ sắc.JPG
Northwest Sticky rice dish Sticky rice cooked with multiple-colored rice leaves to create 5 colors that represent the Five Elements
Xôi sắn
Xôi sắn.jpg
Northern Vietnam Sticky rice dish Glutinous rice mixed with glutinous cassava roots that have been grated or cut into small pieces, then cooked and seasoned with fried onions and oil.
Xôi vò Sticky rice dish Sticky rice cooked separately with pandan leaves for aroma, and turmeric powder for color.
Xôi xéo
Xôi xéo.jpg
Hanoi Sticky rice dish Sticky rice placed into a bowl, then cut into slices with a knife, and sprinkled with green beans and fried onions.

Soups and cháo (congees)

Name Image Region Type Description
Bird's nest soup
súp yến sào
Soup Bird's nest soup
Canh chua
Mekong Delta Soup Hot and sour soup
Khổ qua nhồi thịt
Canh khổ qua.JPG
Soup Bitter gourd stuffed with meat, then bundled with scallions and cooked in bone broth
Ốc nấu chuối đậu
Chuối ốc đậu.jpg
Soup A rustic but quite sophisticated dish that consists of boiled snails cooked with green bananas, fried beans, bacon, adorned with guise leaves and perilla
Chinese rice congee.jpg
Rice dish Rice porridge
Cháo lòng
Cháo lòng.jpg
Rice dish Rice porridge cooked in broth made from pork bones and boiled pork intestines
Hot pot Spicy sour soup with assorted vegetables, meats, and seafood
Súp măng cua
Súp cua.jpg
Soup Asparagus-crab combination soup
Thịt Kho Tàu
Caramelized Pork and Eggs.jpg
Soup/Stew Fatty pork and eggs braised in coconut juice
Bò kho
Meat dish Beef and vegetable stew[1]

Other dishes

Name Image Region Type Description
trứng vịt lộn or hột vịt lộn
Balut Egg.jpg
Egg dish Fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell
Bánh bèo, bột lọc, nem chua.jpg
"Cake" or "bread"
Bánh chưng
Bánh chưng.jpg
Northern Vietnam Rice dish Square-shaped steamed glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in a Phrynium placentarium leaf (lá dong)[2] The dish is a traditionally served around Vietnamese New Year to be eaten with pickled leeks
Bánh giầy
Bánh giầy giò 2.jpg
Northern Vietnam Rice dish White, flat, and round glutinous rice cake, wrapped in cut pieces of banana leaves, and usually served with a type of Vietnamese sausage chả lụa
Bánh đa
Bánh uôi kẹp bánh đa.JPG
Rice dish Called Bánh tráng nướng in the South, large round flat rice crackers
Bánh gối
Banh goi 03.JPG
Stuffed pastry Deep fried pastry stuffed with cellophane noodles, minced pork, cloud ear fungus and thin slices of chinese sausage[7]
Bánh lá
Huế Rice dish Parcel of a variety of rice stuffed with some fillings and wrapped in a leaf or leaves.
Black pudding
dồi tiết' (Northern) or dồi huyết (Southern)
Sausage Blood sausage
Bò 7 món
Bò 7 món.jpg
Saigon Meat dish 7 courses of beef
Cassava-based dishes
Cassava Bread - cassava cooked in leaf wrap (Kwanga, Chikwangue).jpg
Fishcake on salad.jpg
Sausage Sausage
Red River Delta Rice dish Young rice, roasted and wrapped in lotus leaves; the accompaniment is ripened bananas
Giò lụa
Sausage A pork sausage, similar to Bologna sausage
Lò trấu
Lo trau.JPG
Fixed Rice Husk Stove
Nem chua
Nem chua.jpg
Meat dish Cured fermented pork
Ô mai
O mai mo.jpg
Hanoi Fruit dish Snack made from salted dried apricot or sugared dried apricot
Ốc bươu nhồi thịt
Ốc bươu nhồi thịt.jpg
Meat dish Minced snail mixed with ground pork, carrot, black mushroom stuffed in snail shell
chà bông
Meat dish Meat floss
Bò nướng lá lốt
Banh Hoi Bo La Lot.jpg
Meat dish Ground beef wrapped in lolot (NEVER grape leaves)
Tiết canh
Tiết canh.jpg
Blood Fresh animal blood mixed with fish sauce/ light salted water – used with chopped meat and animal cartilage
You tiao
Doughnut A long, golden-brown, deep fried strip of dough

Sweet cakes and desserts

Name Image Region Type Description
Bánh bò
Bánh Bò Màu rice cake.jpg
Southern Vietnam Dessert "Cow cake" (literal name in Vietnamese), made from glutinous rice flour and coconut milk, with a honeycomb-like texture[2]
Bánh cáy
Bánh cáy.JPG
Thái Bình Dessert Rectangular-shaped sweet dessert made by roasting and grinding glutinous rice and other ingredients
Bánh da lợn
Bánh da lợn sầu riêng.jpg
Southern Vietnam Dessert Colored steamed layer cake made from tapioca starch, rice flour, coconut milk, water, sugar, and other ingredients
Bánh chuối
Best banana pancake Hoi An, Vietnam.jpg
Dessert Banana cake[7]
Bánh cốm
Banh com.png
Hanoi Dessert Made from cốm, green bean paste, grated coconut and pumpkin jam or naked lotus jam. Often used for engagement ceremonies
Bánh đậu xanh
Bánh đậu xanh.jpg
Hải Dương Dessert Made from ground mung bean paste with sugar and vegetable oil or animal fat
Bánh gai
Banh gai 3.jpg
Northern Vietnam Dessert The crust is made up of glutinous rice flour and hemp leaves; the filling is of finely chopped lard, banana essential oil, coconut rice, and cooked green beans
Bánh tro
Bánh tro mật mía.jpg
Northern Vietnam Dessert Leaves are burned into ashes and then soaked with glutinous rice to create a golden brown color like amber. Served with sugar or honey/ molasses.
Bánh in
Bánh in nhân sầu riêng.jpg
Huế Dessert A Vietnamese cake from the Huế, often sold in small rectangular shaped snack packs. The main ingredients include mung bean, rice flour and durian
Bánh Flan
Dessert Steamed cake made from eggs, milk and caramel
Bánh kẹp lá dứa
Pandan waffle.jpg
Dessert Pandan and coconut flavored waffle eaten plain
Bánh khoai mì
Dessert Sweet cassava cake
Bánh khảo
Bánh khảo.jpg
Northern Vietnam (Hải Dương) Dessert Glutinous flour roasted with sugar, filled with pumpkin jam and fat
Bánh lọt
Chendol at Cendol Melaka, Changi Village.jpg
Southern Vietnam Dessert Made from rice flour and tapioca starch with the aroma of coconut milk, sugar, and the green and white color of pandan leaves
Bánh mật
Bánh mật01.jpg
Northern Vietnam Dessert Made from glutinous rice flour mixed with mung bean molasses, and wrapped in banana leaves
Bánh nhãn
Banh nhan.jpg
Nam Định Dessert Made from fragrant glutinous rice or Hai Hau yellow sticky rice, chicken eggs, white sugar and lard
Bánh pía
Bánh pía.JPG
Sóc Trăng Province Dessert Teochew-style with durian
Bánh tét
Southern Vietnam Rice dish Log-shaped cylindrical glutinous rice cake, wrapped in a banana leaf and filled with a meat or vegetarian filling
Bánh tiêu
Bánh tiêu.jpg
Dessert Hollow doughnuts
Bánh trung thu
Bánh trung thu.JPG
Dessert Mooncake[2]
Chè Thưng.jpg
Dessert Sweet dessert soup or pudding[1][11]
Chè trôi nước
Southern Vietnam Dessert Dessert consisting of balls made from mung bean paste wrapped in a shell made of glutinous rice flour.
chè bánh lọt
Cendol in a Glass.JPG
Dessert Coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), shaved ice and palm sugar
Chuối chiên
Chuối chiên.JPG
Dessert Banana fried in a batter
Coconut candy
kẹo dừa
Cononut candy.jpg
Bến Tre Province Dessert Candy made with coconut milk and coconut cream
Sữa chua
Turkish strained yogurt.jpg
Dessert Yogurt made with condensed milk
tào phớ
Tofu dish Soybean pudding
Grass jelly
thạch sương sáo
Dessert Made by boiling the aged and slightly oxidized stalks and leaves of Mesona chinensis (member of the mint family) with potassium carbonate for several hours with a little starch and then cooling the liquid to a jelly-like consistency
Mè xửng Huế
Caramelo de mango con sésamo y maní · Vietnam.jpg
Thừa Thiên–Huế Province Dessert A chewy candy originally from the city of Huế, made with boiled down cane sugar, (into a soft and thick solid), coated with sesame seeds, and usually containing peanuts.
bánh trôi
HK Lee Chun Food Seesame Tong Yuen Glutinous Rice Ball 9.JPG
Northern Vietnam Rice dish Boiled Glutinous rice balls – also called bánh chay; literally "floating cake") – served together with bánh chay[11]
Tapioca pudding
chè chuối
Tapioca pudding-2.jpg
Dessert Made from bananas and tapioca
Taro cake
bánh khoai môn
A Taro cake.jpg
Dessert Taro cake[7]
Thạch rau câu or sương sa
Món chè đông sương thạch dừa rau câu ở P3 Đông Hà năm 2016.jpg
Dessert Gelatin dessert
Rượu nếp
Ruou de.jpg
Northern Vietnam Dessert Sweet dessert made from black glutinous rice.
Sâm bổ lượng
Sâm bổ lượng.jpg
Saigon Soup Sweet, cold soup

Condiments and sauces

Name Image Region Type Description
Chẳm chéo
Chẳm chéo khô.jpg
Điện Biên Phủ, Northwest Vietnam Condiment Based on Thai sauce, nam chim chaeo (or nam jim jaew) brought over by ethnic Thai people in Vietnam. Main ingredients are coriander, bird's eye chili, garlic, different herbs, hạt dổi and mắc khén (Indian prickly ash; a variety of Sichuan pepper). There are different types of chẳm chéo as well. Eaten with vegetables, meats, and sometimes fruit.
Fish sauce
nước mắm
Nước chấm.jpg
Base Condiment A base condiment that is derived from fish that have been allowed to ferment. It is normally used as seasoning during cooking or a base for sauces with other ingredients and is not to be used by itself.
Hoisin sauce
tương đen
Hoisin sauce 1.jpg
Condiment A popular condiment for phở in Ho Chi Minh City
Muối ớt rau răm Condiment Dipping sauce made with Vietnamese coriander, bird's eye chilis, lime, and other ingredients. Used as a dipping sauce for meats or trứng vịt lộn.
Muối ớt xanh Central Vietnam Condiment Dipping sauce with green bird's eye chilis and kaffir lime leaves as main ingredients. Usually served with seafood.
Nước chấm
Condiment Dipping sauce with fish sauce, water, sugar, lime and sometimes chilis and ginger.
Peanut sauce
tương đậu phộng
Baobab juice with peanut butter - neteri.jpg
Condiment Used in cuốn diếp
Sa tế
Closeup of chili sauce for Bun Bo Hue.jpg
Chợ Lớn, Ho Chi Minh City, Southern Vietnam Condiment Chili jam
Shrimp paste
mắm tôm
Mắm tôm.JPG
Condiment Shrimp paste
Soy sauce
xì dầu or nước tương
Condiment Condiment produced from fermented soybeans
Fermented bean paste.jpg
Condiment Condiments made from fermented bean paste
Tương ớt
Tương ớt nhà làm 2018 (2).jpg
Condiment Hot/chili sauce that varies in different regions.


Name Image Region Type Description
Bia hơi
Bia hoi.jpg
Beverage Fresh beer
Chanh muối
Beverage Salty limeade[11]
Nước mía
Beverage Sugar cane juice often mixed with kumquat juice[12]
Nước sâm Beverage Iced ginseng drink
Nước sắn dây hoa bưởi Beverage Made of kudzu and pomelo flower extract.
Rau má
Nam bai bua bok.JPG
Beverage Iced pennywort juice often sweetened
Rượu cần
Ruou can for sale.jpg
Tây Nguyên and Tây Bắc Beverage Rice wine
Rượu đế
Khap ruou.jpg
Mekong Delta Beverage Rice liquor
Rượu thuốc
Ruou thuoc 1.jpg
Beverage Medicinal liquor
Snake wine
rượu rắn
Beverage An alcoholic beverage produced by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol
Egg soda
soda sữa hột gà
Beverage Iced soda with egg, sugar and milk
Soy milk
sữa đậu nành
Soy milk.jpg
Beverage Beverage made from soybeans
Vietnamese iced coffee
cà phê sữa đá
Beverage Traditional Vietnamese coffee, made using medium to coarse ground dark roast Vietnamese-grown coffee with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter (phin cà phê)
Vietnamese lotus tea
trà sen, chè sen, or chè ướp sen
Beverage A type of green tea produced in Vietnam that has been flavored with the scent of Nelumbo nucifera
Vietnamese tea
trà Việt
Fresh green tea bowl Vietnam.jpg
Beverage Green tea, similar to Keemun and Yunnan, but more sweet
Vietnamese wine
Vietnamese wine-01 (1).jpg
Beverage Wine produced in Vietnam

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