This is a list of notable syrups. In cooking, a syrup is a condiment that is a thick, viscous liquid consisting primarily of a solution of sugar in water, containing a large amount of dissolved sugars but showing little tendency to deposit crystals. Its consistency is similar to that of molasses. The viscosity arises from the multiple hydrogen bonds between the dissolved sugar, which has many hydroxyl (OH) groups, and the water.


A railroad tank car carrying a load of corn syrup
A railroad tank car carrying a load of corn syrup
Pekmez (Üzüm Pekmezi) is a Turkish syrup made of grapes (grape syrup) or of carob (Keçiboynuzu Pekmezi)
Pekmez (Üzüm Pekmezi) is a Turkish syrup made of grapes (grape syrup) or of carob (Keçiboynuzu Pekmezi)
A treacle

Syrup brands

A jar of Bosco Chocolate Syrup

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