Tonkatsu pork with tonkatsu sauce on the side
Tonkatsu pork with tonkatsu sauce on the side

Tonkatsu sauce is a thick sauce served with tonkatsu, the Japanese pork cutlet. It is a thick (viscosity over 2.0 pascal-second, per JAS standard) Japanese Worcestershire-type sauce. As with most Japanese Worcestershire sauces, it is vegetarian and similar to a brown sauce, with tomatoes, prunes, dates, apples, lemon juice, carrots, onions, and celery among its ingredients.[1][2]

The first tonkatsu sauce was made in 1948 by Oliver Sauce Co., Ltd. of Hyogo Prefecture. The Bull-Dog brand of tonkatsu sauce, for example, is made from malt vinegar, yeast, and vegetable and fruit purees, pastes, and extracts. [3] In the United States, Kikkoman brand sells a fruity tonkatsu sauce with applesauce as the main ingredient.[4]

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