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Salsat toum
A bowl of salsat toum with a pestle
Region or stateMiddle East
Main ingredientsGarlic

Salsat toum or toumya (Arabic pronunciation of ْتُوم  'garlic') is a garlic sauce common to the Levant. Similar to the Provençal aioli, there are many variations, a common one containing garlic, salt, olive oil or vegetable oil, and lemon juice, traditionally crushed together using a wooden mortar and pestle.[1] There is also a variation popular in many places, such as the town of Zgharta, in Lebanon, where mint is added;[2] it is called zeit wa toum ('oil and garlic').

Salsat toum (garlic sauce) is used as a dip, especially with french fries, chicken and artichoke, and in Levantine sandwiches, especially those containing chicken. It is also commonly served with grilled chicken dishes.

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