Poqui poqui
Alternative namesPuke puke, puki puki,
poke poke, poki poki
CourseMain course, side dish
Place of originPhilippines
Region or stateIlocos Region
Serving temperatureWarm
Main ingredientsEggplant, eggs, salt
Similar dishesTortang talong

Poqui poqui, also spelled puke puke or puki puki, is a Filipino eggplant and scrambled eggs dish originating from the Ilocos Region of Northern Luzon in the Philippines. It is very similar to tortang talong in that the eggplant is first grilled directly on an open flame, then peeled and mashed. It is then added to ginisa (sauteed shallots, garlic, and tomatoes) and scrambled eggs. It is garnished with spring onions. It has a creamy texture and is usually eaten as a side dish to grilled fish and meat dishes, but it can also be eaten with white rice.[1][2][3] It is believed that the name of poqui poqui may have originated from the Hawaiian dish poke due to the influx of Ilocano sugarcane workers to Hawaii during the American colonization of the Philippines, although they are very different dishes.[4][5]

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