Java rice
Top: Plain java rice from Goldilocks Bakeshop, Bottom: Java rice with pimiento from Kenny Rogers Roasters
Alternative namesYellow fried rice
TypeFried Rice
CoursePart of Main course, Side dish
Place of originPhilippines
Created byFilipino cuisine
Serving temperatureWarm
Main ingredientsRice, Annatto or Turmeric, Garlic and/or onion
Ingredients generally usedPaprika, Pimiento/Bell pepper, Tomato Ketchup

Java rice, sometimes called yellow fried rice,[1] is a Filipino fried rice dish characterized by its yellow-orange tint from the use of turmeric or annatto. Variants of the dish add bell peppers, pimiento, paprika, and/or tomato ketchup to season the fried rice.[2][3][1] Despite the name, the dish does not come from Indonesia.[3][1]

Although its actual origin is uncertain, java rice is associated with Chef Engracia Cruz-Reyes' Aristocrat restaurant (founded in 1936 in Manila) in part due to their popularization of serving their chicken barbecue (inihaw) with this preparation of rice.[3][1][4][5]

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