CourseMain course
Place of originPhilippines
Region or stateAklan, Western Visayas
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientschicken, banana pith (ubad)

Inubaran is a Filipino chicken stew or soup made with chicken cooked with diced banana pith, coconut milk (gata) or coconut cream (kakang gata), a souring agent, lemongrass, and various spices. The souring agent (called aeabihig) is traditionally either batuan fruits (Garcinia morella) or libas leaves (Spondias pinnata).[1][2] The name means "[cooked] with ubad (banana pith)", not to be confused with ubod (palm heart); although ubod can sometimes be used as a substitute for ubad which can be difficult to acquire.[3][4] It originates from the Western Visayas and is associated with the cuisines of the Aklanon people.[5] Variants of the dish can also be made with other types of meat or seafood. It is a type of ginataan.[4][6]

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