Alternative names
  • 辣子雞
  • dry chili chicken
  • firecracker chicken
  • Chongqing chicken
  • mala chicken
Place of originChina
Region or stateSichuan
Main ingredientsChicken, chili
Ingredients generally usedFermented bean paste, garlic, and ginger, Szechuan pepper

Laziji (simplified Chinese: 辣子鸡; traditional Chinese: 辣子雞; pinyin: làzijī; lit. 'spicy chicken'), also known as dry chili chicken, firecracker chicken, Chongqing chicken, and mala chicken, is a dish of chicken cubes stir-fried in chilis, Szechuan pepper, spicy fermented bean paste, garlic, and ginger.[1] [2]

Toasted sesame seeds and sliced spring onions are often used to garnish the dish.[3] [4]

Laziji originated near Geleshan in Chongqing, where restaurateurs used small free-range chickens from nearby farms. This poultry became a signature export for Geleshan.[5]

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