Flying Jacob
Flying Jacob with rice and a salad
Place of originSweden
Created byOve Jacobsson
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsChicken, cream, chilli sauce, bananas, roasted peanuts, bacon

Flying Jacob (Swedish: flygande Jacob/Jakob pronounced [flyːˈgandɛ jɑːˈkɔp])[1] is a Swedish casserole composed of chicken, cream, chilli sauce, bananas, roasted peanuts and bacon.[2] The dish is baked in an oven and is usually served with rice and a salad.

The dish was invented by Ove Jacobsson, who worked in the air freight industry, hence the name. Asked to make the main dish for a neighbourhood potluck in Stockholm in 1976, Jacobsson combined the few ingredients available to him in his refrigerator into a casserole, cooked it, and served it at the party, where it was a hit. His neighbor, Anders Tunberg, worked for Allt om Mat (All about Food)[3][4] magazine, and thus the recipe was first published in a Swedish cooking magazine in 1976.[2][5]

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