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Dinengdeng consisting of calabaza squash, shoots and blossoms, and grilled fish.
Alternative namesInabraw
CourseMain course
Place of originPhilippines
Associated national cuisineFilipino cuisine
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsBagoong, vegetables, fish, meat
Similar dishesPinakbet

Dinengdeng (also called inabraw) is a dish of the Ilocano people of the Philippines, similar to pinakbet. It is classified as a bagoong monamon soup based dish. Unlike pinakbet, dinengdeng contains fewer vegetables and contains squash and more bagoong monamon soup base.

The dish may contain the following vegetables: jute leaves, the pods and leaves of the marunggay, the leaves and fruits of bitter melon, the calabaza squash and blossoms, alakon blossoms, amaranth leaves, sweet potato tubers and leaves, gourds (like kabatiti and tabungaw), string beans and shoots, talinum, chayote squash and shoots, chili peppers, sabunganay (banana blossoms), corn, West-Indian pea blossoms, tangkoy (winter melon), eggplant, okra, winged beans, parda beans (chicharo), lima beans, various mushrooms like oyster mushrooms, whole taro, cassava tubers, purple yams, and wild potatoes.[1]

Some add fried or roasted fish or other meats, usually leftovers, to the dish.

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