Alternative namessalokara, salucara, salocara
CourseDessert, breakfast
Place of originPhilippines
Region or stateEastern Samar
Serving temperatureHot or warm
Main ingredientsRice flour, water or coconut milk, sugar, tubâ wine/yeast
Variationssee Bibingka

Salukara is a type of pancake of the Waray people in Eastern Samar, Philippines. It is made with galapong (or glutinous rice flour), coconut milk, sugar, and water, the same ingredients to make the cake called bibingka. Traditionally tubâ (palm wine) is used as the leavening agent, giving the pancakes a slightly sour aftertaste, though standard baker's yeast can be substituted. They are cooked in a pan or clay pot traditionally greased with pork lard or lined with banana leaves. They are commonly eaten for breakfast and for merienda.[1][2]

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