Banga rice or Roso-Amme-edi
Place of originNigeria
Region or stateDelta, Nigeria
Created byUrhobo People of Delta Nigeria
Main ingredientsPalm-pulp from palm fruit, salt, water, parboiled white rice, other seasonings, onions, meat, fish, dry shrimp for added flavor

Banga Rice is a traditional Nigerian food prepared with palm fruit like in palm nut soup.[1][2][3] The dish is common among the Urhobo people of southern Nigeria. Banga is the juice extracted from palm nut fruit. It is called Banga rice after the juice extracted from the palm nut is cooked with parboiled white rice.

The Urhobo people [4] do not add special spices like; Taiko, Benetientien, and Rogoje to the Banga rice [5] when they prepare the dish like they do when preparing Banga Soup.


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