Burong isda
CourseMain dish
Place of originPhilippines
Region or stateCentral Luzon
Variationsburong dalag (snakehead);
burong bangus (milkfish);
burong hito (catfish);
burong gurami (gourami), etc.
Similar dishesTinapayan, Balao-balao, Narezushi, Pla ra

Burong isda (literally "pickled fish") is a Filipino dish consisting of cooked rice and raw filleted fish fermented with salt and angkak (red yeast rice) for around a week. The dish is common in central Luzon, most notably in the province of Pampanga. Angkak may also be omitted, especially in western central Luzon, resulting in a white-colored version. Burong isda variants are usually named after the fish they were made with; e.g. burong bangus for burong isda made with bangus (milkfish). Shrimp versions of the dish are known as burong hipon or balao-balao. Burong isda is very similar to other fermented fish and rice dishes of Asia, including narezushi of Japanese cuisine and pla ra of Thai cuisine. All of these dishes rely on lactic acid fermentation to preserve the food.[1][2][3][4]

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