Chorizo de Macao
Alternative namesChorizo de Macau, Chorizo Macau, Chinese Chorizo, Longaniza Macau, Longganisang Macau
Place of originPhilippines
Main ingredientspork, anise liqueur

Chorizo de Macao, sometimes called Chinese Chorizo or Longaniza Macau, is a Filipino dry pork sausage. It is native to the Philippines and does not originate from Macau or China, despite the name. The ingredients of Chorizo de Macao is identical to other Filipino sweet longganisas (longganisa hamonado), except for its dry texture and its use of star anise, aniseed, or anise liqueur (anisado), which gives it its distinctive aroma and its name. It is commonly used in Chinese Filipino dishes like pancit Canton and siopao. It is sometimes confused with and used in place of Chinese sausage.[1][2][3]

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