Baked bean sandwich
Baked bean sandwich.jpg
Place of originUnited States
Main ingredientsBread, baked beans

The baked bean sandwich is a sandwich composed of baked beans between two slices of bread, which may include garnishes such as lettuce and toppings such as mayonnaise or ketchup.[1]

Recipes for a baked bean sandwich can be traced from as early as 1909. One book entitled Cooking For Two by Janet McKenzie Hill suggests such a recipe as a "substitute for meatless cooking", and is a much more elaborate sandwich compared to its most common manifestation today.[2]

Many early recipes describe essentially the same product that has become popular today, however in addition they incite elaborate additions of garnish and dressing.[2] Hill suggests:

Butter two slices of Boston brown bread; on one of these dispose a heart-leaf of lettuce holding a teaspoon of salad dressing; above the dressing set a generous tablespoon of cold, baked beans, then another lettuce leaf and dressing; then finish with a second slice of bread, a tablespoonful of beans, a floweret of cauliflower, and a teaspoonful of dressing over the cauliflower.[2]

The Boston-area version of the sandwich eschews toppings and garnishes, being composed simply of baked beans between two slices of Boston brown bread.[3]

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