Num pang
Num pang with catfish and peppercorns
Alternative namesnom pang, nompang, nombang, Cambodian sandwich
Place of originCambodia
Main ingredientsBaguette, mayonnaise, meat, vegetables, herbs
Similar dishesbánh mì, khao jee pâté

In Cambodian cuisine, num pang (Khmer: នំបុ័ង, from French: pain – "bread") is a short baguette with thin, crisp crust and soft, airy texture. It is often split lengthwise and filled with savory ingredients like a submarine sandwich and served as a meal, called num pang sach (នំបុ័ងសាច់). It is similar to Laos's khao jee pâté and Vietnam's bánh mì.


Baguettes were adopted into Cambodian cuisine from the French when Cambodia was a protectorate in French Indochina.[1]

More recently, num pang has spread outside of Cambodia with eateries specializing in num pang opened in cities, such as New York,[2] Washington,[3] Boston,[4] and Melbourne.[5]


There are a number regional variations of num pang with different fillings:


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