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Pocket sandwich
Tempeh reuben pita sandwich (7189946579).jpg
A tempeh Reuben pita sandwich
Main ingredientsBread, various fillings

Pocket sandwich is a sandwich which is made using a single piece of folded or hollowed bread, such as a pita, which is made from dough cooked with fillings inside.

Types of pocket sandwiches

Shelf-stable pocket sandwiches

US Army's shelf-stable pocket sandwich for troops on-the-go.
US Army's shelf-stable pocket sandwich for troops on-the-go.

The US Army has developed shelf-stable pocket sandwiches as combat feeding rations (the First Strike Ration) for its troops on-the-go. The sandwiches are engineered to prevent microbial growth through the use of specialized water treatment, acidic content (naturally, through ingredient selection; or by the addition of food-grade acids), special multi-layer foil packaging, and oxygen-absorbing packets.[2]

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