A close-up view of a personal-sized Gatsby sandwich prepared with calamari and chips
A close-up view of a personal-sized Gatsby sandwich prepared with calamari and chips
Place of originSouth Africa
Region or stateCape Town
Main ingredientsBread rolls, French fries, meat or seafood (masala steak, chicken, boloney,[1] Vienna sausage, calamari, fish), sauce

A Gatsby is a South African submarine sandwich consisting of a bread roll filled with chips (French fries) and a choice of fillings and sauces.[2] It originated in Cape Town[1] and is popular throughout the Western Cape province.[3] The sandwich is typically large and shared by several people.[1][2]


There is no standard recipe for a Gatsby, but it is usually offered in a long (one foot or more) French-style bread roll cut lengthwise.[2][4][5] Other breads used may include hot dog buns or roti flat breads,[6] although a filled roti is usually referred to as a salomie.[7] The sandwich is made large to be shared, usually four ways. The filling of a Gatsby comprises chips with any number of other ingredients such as meats, fish and eggs. Meat fillings may include chargrilled steak,[4] masala steak,[2] chicken, boloney sausage, Vienna sausage and Russian sausage. Fried or pickled fish,[4] calamari,[1] curry[3][4] and eggs are also frequently offered.[1][8] The fillings are commonly dressed with achar pickles or peri peri sauce.[3][5]

Although the Gatsby is typically made with meat fillings, vegan versions can be found that are usually made by substituting the meat with marinated soy.[9][10] Healthier versions can also be found, using ingredients such as beans which are said to significantly reduce cholesterol and fat levels.[11]


The Gatsby sandwich originated in 1976 in Athlone, in the Cape Flats area of Cape Town.[1] Food shop owner Rashaad Pandy wanted to serve a quick but filling meal to workers helping him renovate his store. He filled a large round loaf with "slap chips" (South-African-style chips with vinegar), polony sausage and achaar and cut this into wedges. "Froggy", one of the workers, declared the sandwich a "Gatsby smash",[12] alluding to the movie The Great Gatsby which had been screened at an Athlone cinema. The name stuck and Pandy subsequently offered the sandwich in his shop.[13][14] The sandwich grew in popularity and was adjusted to use a long French-style roll. The gatsby sandwich is a popular hangover cure for Capetonians.[15][16]

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